Scunthorpe United Chairman Steve Wharton may live around 50 miles from Glanford Park - but it doesn't stop him being very hands-on.

From season tickets to the state of the pitch, as well as dealings with player contracts, acquisitions and sales, Wharton keeps a close eye on all aspects of the Championship club.

He admits some of his staff may say he does not need to get involved in everything that goes on - but he would never change the way he does things.

Wharton said: "I have almost daily contact with the Manager, and the rest of the Board, through telephone calls and e-mails.

"I do keep an eye on everything - some would say I keep too close an eye on things.

"I look at the match analysis figures in terms of finances - such as spend per spectator - then there's team analysis, season tickets, the pitch and whether there are enough sheets on the ground...

"If you look after details, and people know that you are looking out for things, then they'll do a good job themselves."

Wharton, in his second stint as Chairman, does a lot of his duties from home, adding: "I wouldn't say there's a strict routine - there's something always happening.

"Today I am sorting out the contracts of a couple of players and sending some offers to them.

"You never know what's going to happen from one day to the next."

Lifelong United fan Wharton is proud to run a club which is existing within its means while enjoying success on the pitch.

United have been promoted three times since Wharton took over, with one relegation to League 1 in 2008.

And even though Wharton and the rest of the Board of Directors are unpaid, he reveals the rewards are many.

Wharton said: "In other businesses if you are successful you turn profits and build things up. In the end you can be very comfortable. In football if you break even it is a great achievement.

"There is always something else to deal with and it is difficult to see an exit.

"Why do I carry on? For the love of Scunthorpe United. And there are rewards, like seeing something you have built up doing well.

"I would hate to see all the hard work we have done over the last 10 or 15 years be ruined."

Wharton refuses to plunge the club into debt in the pursuit of glory. He explained: "Money doesn't buy success. If you buy the best racehorse, there is no guarantee you'll win. The odds are better of course, but it is not a guarantee."

However, the Chairman's business philosophy doesn't signify a lack of ambition.

He said: "We want to get as far as possible. This season the aim is to survive in the Championship.

"Can we get to the Premier League? We are always trying to improve.

"But we will always do it within our means."

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