Cardiff City may have missed out on promotion this time around, losing 3-2 to Blackpool on Saturday, but Chairman Peter Ridsdale believes this is just the start of a very bright future.

The Bluebirds moved into their new stadium last summer and finished fourth in the Coca-Cola Championship, a feat 68 other clubs in the Football League would have loved to achieve. The disappointment at the final whistle was evident for all to see but with new backers arriving in the form of Dato Chan Tien Ghee the Chairman is confident that Saturday was the first of many more big games for Cardiff:

"This has been an historic season in so many ways, he told, "capped by a heroic performance from the team in reaching the Championship Play-off Final at Wembley and coming so close to realising the dream of so many of us to see Cardiff City reach the Premier League.

"Looking out on Saturday, we were all so proud - not least of the 37,000 strong Cardiff City supporters who once again were magnificent and a huge credit to the club on the big stage.

"We are all hugely disappointed not to cross the finish line. And it's a pain that we will carry into the summer after coming so close. That much is obvious.

"But at times like this we have to remember the many positives that we can take from last season, while ensuring to learn from our mistakes and vowing to come back stronger as a result.

"As a club we have transformed so much in recent years, where we now live in an impressive new stadium, while the squad are based in state-of-the-art facilities at the Vale. It's light-years from where we were standing only five years ago.

"It's now a time for Cardiff City fans to look forward and to plan for the next chapter in a remarkable story.

"The responsibility of taking the club forward now falls to the new board under the leadership of Dato Chan Tien Ghee, and I wish them every possible success. I have no doubt that they can take the club to the next level."

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