Your team will not be the only thing with a new look this weekend when the 2010/11 season gets underway.

Mitre have launched a new ball which has been produced in the colours of all 72 Football League clubs.

The TENSILE is a revolution in football design and technology, comprised of just 10 panels and has over 30% less stitching. This optimises power and efficiency, improving airflow and reducing drag on the ball. This increases the average speed of a shot, making it a strikers dream. The ball is the first of its kind and will also be used in all Scottish Premier League (SPL) matches this season.

Nick Crook, Marketing Manager for Mitre, said, "Mitre is a people's sports brand and we are always looking for new and exciting ways to give the fans what they want. We have enjoyed going the extra mile delivering the new Mitre TENSILE ball in a multitude of different colours and individual club badges, to satisfy every club in the Football League and SPL"

John Nagle, Head of Communications at The Football League, said: "The Football League has been using Mitre footballs since the 1970's as we believe they are the best in the business. The new tensile ball is a further leap forward in ball design and one that will be popular with players and fans."

The ball has so far proved a hit with the players and coaches, who have been using it during pre season, as they prepare for the big kick off, as Watford star Danny Graham admits:

"I'm loving the new Mitre ball because as a striker you can strike it very hard, you get lots of accuracy with it and I'm hoping to score lots of goals with it next season"

Hornets Goalkeeping Coach Alec Chamberlain added:

"We've had good feedback from the goalkeepers in terms of the handling, either wet or dry so so far so good

"From a goalkeeping point of view the most important thing about the ball is the surface and being comfortable dealing with the surface of the ball with your gloves and in that respect the tensile is excellent."

Mitre's heritage and reputation for making the world's best footballs is unrivalled, with the TENSILE being another example of Mitre's innovations, delivering a greater transfer of energy, superior efficiency, stability and aerodynamics than ever before, and will retail at around £74.99.

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