Boss Steve Cotterill believes speculation surrounding his Nottingham Forest players during the January transfer window is affecting the club's battle against Championship relegation.

Many key players are out of contract in the summer, including captain Luke Chambers, fellow defenders Wes Morgan and Joel Lynch and wingers Paul Anderson and Garath McCleary. Cotterill is desperate for this month to end because he believes agents are unsettling his players.

"The sooner this window shuts, the better. I think there are agents in players ears and that takes their focus away from what it should be on," Cotterill said.

"It is easy to jump ship at the minute, isn't it, when things are not going as well as you would like? For me, that does not show your character.

"Are players being distracted by this? That is a 100% fact. Anyone who doesn't think that is naïve. There are people talking to players and telling them that they can get them here or there, that they can get them this, that or the other.

"That is not even just the ones who are out of contract either. This window is a pain in the neck. It disrupts football clubs and, if you are at the wrong end of the table, it disrupts you even more."