After one of the most turbulent seasons in their history, fans of Portsmouth have provided the club with a much-needed boost - winning £30,000 for the club via the Fanpower Stadium competition, which was run by The Football League title sponsors npower.

Following consultation with the club and The Football League, it can now be confirmed that the fans' dedication will be rewarded directly, with the prize fund being used to lower season ticket prices for next season.

Hosted on Facebook, the competition rewarded the set of fans that "made the most noise" with £20,000 for their club. This was determined by measuring the amount of mentions supporters had generated for their football club on Facebook and Twitter.

The noise could only be measured when an individual had "taken a seat" in the virtual Fanpower Stadium meaning £10,000 was also awarded to the club whose fans participated the most as a percentage of their average attendance.

The south-coast side ran away with the full £30,000, with their loyal fans signing up in droves and then taking to Twitter and Facebook to show their support. In the 11 week long competition, Portsmouth fans signed up and generated nearly 70,000 noise counts mentioning their beloved Pompey.

Emma Collins, Sponsorship Manager from npower, said: "We're delighted to be handing over the prize fund to Portsmouth and their fans, who clearly seized the opportunity to support their club with unrivalled passion.

"It's no secret that Portsmouth have had a tough season, so we're delighted that the prize money can be used in such a fan-friendly way. The fans will reap the benefits of their dedication and we're delighted to be a part of this very real showing of 'Fanpower'."