The Football League Trust has embraced the challenge of helping people of all ages in EDUCATION and remains committed to promoting new education challenges in the future.

Since 2007, The Football League Trust, through its 72 community schemes, has delivered many educational projects including working with children with special needs, developing communication technology skills, adult numeracy and literacy, and overcoming language barriers.

In the past two years, The Trust has developed its scholarship and apprenticeship programmes hugely and in the 2012-13 academic year will have around 1,500 students in full time education based at study support centres within football stadia.

Barnsley FC's Community Sports and Education Trust has delivered many community projects successfully to the local area.

One of them, a 20-week fitness and education programme, The Army Preparation Course, is aimed at preparing youngsters who want to pursue a career in the Army.

"The Army careers people said that many of the young adults, aged 16-18, who had applied for their selection course from Barnsley were unsuccessful, or falling at the first hurdle, so we were determined to try and change that," said Barnsley's Community Trust Education Officer, Rachael Lakey.

"We focused the Army Preparation Course on all aspects of physical fitness and communication skills, making sure they are ready for the challenge and giving them an insight into what is needed to get through the Army Development and Selection Centre, because it is very tough to gain selection."

The programme also prepares young people with basic literacy and numeracy skills, with the bulk of the fitness work delivered by Barnsley's community coaches, encouraging the youngsters to develop and enhance their skills and self belief for the tough challenges that lie ahead.

"Part of the selection process is to run a mile and a half under a certain time, and our coaches set up a special measured route, with the kids running around the pitch at Oakwell," she added.

"They also staged a charity event, running from York to Barnsley, raising a lot of money and enhancing their fitness as well."

Barnsley's Community Sports and Education Trust chief executive Wayne Bullimore said: "Of all the courses we've run the Army Preparation Course is probably the most successful.

"We've had 20 young people from Barnsley gain entry through the selection process, and that's an amazing achievement for our dedicated staff and the youngsters."

Barnsley Football Club's Community Sports and Education Trust is shared with the club's Academy and players, who use it to research, and complete academic assignments.

The Study Support Centre, the education hub, overlooks the pitch at Oakwell, ensuring a panoramic view of the stadium and its position acts as a catalyst for inspiration and motivation.

"Although the stadium is mostly empty while the students are present, there is a constant feeling that something is about to happen and this rubs off on all our students, parents and mentors," added Wayne.

"We've had young adults join us at 16 and still be here three years later, so it has become a focal point for many of them.

"A college environment is not for everybody. I certainly didn't have a great experience at school, but this is something different and they are usually in a better position to move on in life and perhaps giving them a start they couldn't find anywhere else."

'Education' is one of four key themes promoted by The Football League Trust, alongside 'Sport', 'Inclusion' and 'Health'.