David Lloyd is rarely short of a word or two.

But the quick-witted Sky TV cricket commentator admits even he was stumped when he saw virtually half his beloved Accrington Stanley team made up of Argentinians!

A lifetime following the club in and out of The Football League has taught Lloyd - known as Bumble in cricketing circles - to expect the unexpected.

Lloyd, who briefly played for the club in the Sixties, said: "We had five Argentinians in the side in a pre-season against Rossendale, and it was hilarious hearing the announcer try to read out their names

"An agent had been in touch with our chairman Eric Whalley, who is a big mate of mine, and brought along the players. They were all fired off afterwards, but it just shows Eric will do anything to improve the club."

South Americans were certainly thin on the ground when Lloyd, 61, first started watching Stanley at Peel Park.

The club were in the old Division Three North and Division Four before before forced to resign from The Football League after going bust in 1962.

Former Lancashire and England batsman Lloyd said: "I lived a couple of streets away from Peel Park and when I first started going to watch Stanley I even carried my own brick into the ground to stand on so I could see over the barriers.

"Then I used to stand behind the goals - which was the most dangerous place to be because we were absolutely peppered - not many shots were on target in those days.

"My auntie used to run the hostel where some of the players lived so I knew a lot of them and of course it was an absolute disaster when the club went out of the League.

"We dropped into the Lancashire Combination and that's when I played for them for a while before turning to cricket."

For Lloyd and anyone close to the famous old club - one of the founding members of The Football League - promotion from the Conference in 2006 was a hugely nostalgic occasion.

He added: "Of course it was fantastic, and promotion was all down to Eric who has stuck with the club through thin and thin. He keeps going even though he is losing money hand over fist."

"I'm away for much of the winter but I follow the club via the internet and always look to see what the crowd is - and whether Paul Mullin has scored.

"I keep an eye on Macclesfield as well because I live a couple of miles from their ground, but when Accrington play Macclesfield, my loyalties always lie with Stanley.

"There's an honesty about the football that you don't get in the Premier League.

"Players don't dive and cheat and it's great to see honest players just getting on with the business of playing the game."