Tom Law has pushed the producers of EastEnders to the limit in his bid to parade his allegiance to Leicester City on the set of Albert Square.

Law, who plays Peter the long-suffering teenage son of Ian Beale, wore his LCFC wristband for his screen debut on the hit soap.

And he has also been seen in one episode wearing his Foxes boxer shorts!

The 15-year-old actor is a devotee of Nigel Pearson's side who are expected to be leading contenders for the Coca-Cola League 1 title this season.

Not surprisingly, Law is the only Foxes fan among the cast, and last season's relegation from the Championship meant that he copped more flak than usual, with most of the banter coming from his on-screen dad Adam Woodyatt.

Law has also had plenty of run-ins with the now departed Phil Daniels, an avid Chelsea supporter, along with Charlie Hawkins (Darren Miller).

Law said: "There is a plenty of banter flying around the place and I've made sure that I've got a Leicester flag up in our Green Room, where we chill out and let our hair down.

"Phil thought Chelsea would win comfortably when we were drawn against them in the Carling Cup last season, but he wasn't as cocky after we'd nearly beaten them!

"I have never tried to hide the fact I am a Leicester fan. On my screen debut I wore my Leicester City wrist band and kept it on for two weeks before being politely asked to remove it.

"I also wore some Leicester boxer shorts on television, but don't worry, I didn't strip! My next target is to mention Leicester City in my lines!"

Tom, who made his EastEnders debut on August 31 last year, picked up the Leicester City bug from his dad. He regularly travels up from London to attend matches with the family.

Law added: "When I started to like football, my dad said I had the choice of who I wanted to support.

"But if I hadn't have chosen Leicester then it would have been interesting to see his reaction!"

Law even managed to get onto the hallowed Walkers Stadium turf last season during the televised game against Cardiff City with fellow fans Kasabian, television presenter Manish Bhasin and former star Muzzy Izzet.

Law said: "Just to be invited on to the pitch at half-time was an honour. But to hit the crossbar three times in front of almost 30,000 fans and have my picture taken with the lads from Kasabian and Muzzy Izzet was a dream come true."