Dave Best dreams of playing at Elland Road.

But he wants to play at Leeds United's ground wearing his bass guitar - not a football kit.

Best's Pigeon Detectives have already had the chance to play at the stadium of his beloved team supporting their big pals the Kaiser Chiefs in May this year.

But they decided to wait until they can do an Elland Road concert all on their own.

And as one of the discoveries of the last two years, with two gold status albums Wait For Me and Emergency, it would be daft to bet against them doing that in the future.

Lifelong Leeds fan Best said: "An Elland Road gig would be a dream come true. The Kaisers asked us to support them when they played there.

"But we wanted to do it in our own right and hopefully we can go back in a couple of years and do that. It would be great.

"I suppose being Leeds fans was part of the reason why we are mates. But we grew up in Rothwell in Leeds and everybody supported them."

Best had a season ticket at Elland Road from the age of 10 to 18.

And even though his Pigeon Detectives' commitments mean going to games is a rare treat now - the band still find a way of finding out how their favourite team is doing.

He added: "We were in Zurich recently and on a streaming website. We were on it for ages trying to get the game up.

"It was coming on in five second clips so the ball was in midfield and then all of a sudden it was a goal kick and we didn't have a clue what had happened in between!

"It was frustrating and we were all crowded around it but it had to do for us!"

The Pigeons have just finished a headline UK tour to round off another successful year, and their rise to fame means they are recognised by fellow supporters.

And they joined the Kaisers at Elland Road when Ricky Wilson's band sponsored Leeds' 0-0 draw with Brighton in March.

Best said: "We all went when we played Brighton and the Kaiser Chiefs sponsored the game.

"They invited us down and we met Norman Hunter, Eddie Gray and Nigel Martyn, great players like that, so it was a great day out.

"When we get recognised you get people singing 'Pigeons give us a song'.

"And when we went with the Kaiser Chiefs I was sat next to Ricky in the West Stand.

"The Brighton fans were singing 'You've only got one song' and I turned to Ricky and said 'I think they're talking to you!'

"We try to get there as much as we can. The last four years have been depressing times after watching them in the Champions League, which was amazing.

"But at the moment we can see a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel because we're starting to build a decent squad and we're actually winning some

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