The relentless schedule of rock band The Enemy in the last three years has prevented Andy Hopkins from regularly watching his hometown club Coventry City.

Which is no bad thing for the Coca-Cola Championship club as the bass guitarist admits his presence has a negative effect on the team.

Hopkins said: "Every time I go we lose. I seem to be a bit of a bad omen. This is not just a recent thing, either.

"Even in the days when we were in the Premier League every time I went we lost. I remember going to QPR years ago in the Roy Wegerle days and we lost 5-0."

The Coventry-based three-piece, whose other band members are Hopkins' school friends Tom Clarke and Liam Watts, met their original manager John Dawkins following Richard Shaw's testimonial Coventry and Celtic.

Since the band's debut album We'll Live and Die in These Towns went straight to number one on release in 2007, Hopkins has had little time to watch his hometown club.

He said: "In the last two-and-a-half years we haven't been able to keep up with it. It's been a bit mad. At the moment we are gigging every night.

"I used to go once a month. Now I try to go down with my mates when I can.

"It's a good laugh. I don't try and get involved in the singing anymore. I used to. Nowadays I just like a few beers."

Hopkins has followed Coventry since he was a child and regards Steve Ogrizovic as his favourite all-time player.

Hopkins, 20, added: "All my family support Coventry. I grew up with the club. I got into it through my uncle, who is a massive fan.

"My first game was when I was 12 or 13. When we were relegated from the Premier League I was devastated."

When Hopkins appeared on Sky TV's Soccer AM last Saturday he was desperate to avoid the embarrassing mistake he made the previous time he was on the cult football show.

Studio guests are given the opportunity to kick a football through a hole in a specially-constructed piece of footie-themed scenery.

He said: "I intended to flick the ball up, stamp on it and then shoot through the hole.

"But when I flicked it up I lost control, didn't complete the trick and missed the hole. I was gutted."

Unfortunately for the band's bass guitarist, he didn't have much luck scoring this time around either. Although lead singer Tom, did bag one for the band.

Hopkins is a regular on the celebrity football circuit. He is hoping to get an Enemy-dominated team together for a Soccer Six charity event at Stamford Bridge next month.

He said: "I used to play right wing. Me and Liam always have a kickabout before gigs. We are all right at skills, and my fitness is okay because I go down the gym quite a lot. But I'm not so good at tackling and defending.

"Liam is really good, although I'm the best in a game situation. Tom can't play. We are trying to teach him skills."

The Enemy's new single No Time For Tears is out this week. Visit and you can win a copy of their album right here.