Graham Brookland is very much a part of the fabric of Aldershot Town.

He is one of the co-founders of the club which came back from the dead 17 years ago.

Brookland, 42, and Terry Owens each bought a share for £1 to form the limited company that brought Aldershot back into existence in 1992 after the closure of the-then Fourth Division Aldershot FC, midway through the season.

Brookland said: "I was Chairman of the Supporters' Club at the time and Terry and I got together to restart football at Aldershot.

"When the club folded, we realised that to keep going we needed to be playing the following season.

"Otherwise the supporters would find other things to do on a Saturday and once we had lost them we might never have got them back."

The re-formed club was born at a public meeting on April 22 1992 when 600 fans promised to invest money to get the club back up and running.

Two months later, Aldershot Town had been accepted into the Diadora Isthmian League Division 3, which was then the ninth tier of English football.

Brookland said: "We paid £1 each, although Terry might actually have paid mine for me! The share certificate still sits proudly on my mantelpiece.

"When we set up the club in 1992 the aim was to get back into the Football League. Everybody is so proud we managed that.Now our target is to stay there."

Brookland, who was taken to his first Aldershot game by his father in 1974 when he was seven, has fulfilled a series of roles at the club.

He was Secretary for 10 years and also did match-day commentary on the Club Call premium phone service during the 1990s.

Brookland is now Assistant Secretary for the Army Football Association. He maintains his involvement at his beloved Aldershot, working as the Communications/Website Editor.

He said: "I do all the match coverage for the website as well as the audio and video interviews.

"It is a bit of a journalist role. I haven't gone on courses or anything. Some of it is quite technical. I have just learned it as I have gone along."

The lifelong Shots' fan is proud of his role in resurrecting the club.

He added: "What is most important for the people of our generation is that there is another one coming through.

"I take my 11-year-old son all over the country to watch Aldershot and he is exactly the same as I was at that age.

"Aldershot is his club, it is a big part of his life and he is proud of it. That is what it is all about.

"When the club folded we didn't know what was going to happen. The next generation could have been lost to Premier League clubs so it gives me great satisfaction that they were not."

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