Following a tour with Oasis that has seen Reverend and the Makers perform at the Millennium Stadium, the Stadium of Light and Wembley, lead singer Jon McClure, aka The Reverend, is no stranger to playing in arenas built for the beautiful game.

But the die-hard Sheffield Wednesday fan says nothing can prepare him for his next appearance at a football ground.

He said: "We're playing football at Hillsborough soon in a charity match, which will be amazing.

"I think Chris Waddle is on our side, which will help. If he's got the ball at his feet you can bet that I'll be at the back stick waiting to nod one in!

"I lived five minutes away from the ground when I was a kid, so it would be a dream to score at Hillsborough."

McClure, 27, said the band's latest tour has seen them make several new friends in English football.

He said: "I've become mates with a few of the staff at Sunderland after our Oasis dates. They are sending me a Sunderland shirt with 'McClure' on the back!

"They've invited me to watch the Manchester United game this season, so it might be best if we avoid touring to Newcastle this year!"

McClure also has an affinity for one of the north's other big clubs.

He said: "Although Wednesday are my local club, my family club are all Everton because my grandad's brother played for them.

"My uncle also runs the supporters' club at Goodison, so I've got a bit of a soft spot for Everton, too."

As he recounts his earliest Hillsborough memories, McClure's verbal musings make it easy to see how he earned his nickname.

He said: "I can't remember my first game exactly, but it was in the 80s when we had a right dodgy kit!

"Lee Chapman was a star at the club and I remember watching him play - which is strange as we know each other quite well now.

"The highlights for me were when we beat West Ham 5-1 at Hillsborough, and obviously the 2-1 win at Wembley against Sheffield United will always stay with me.

"One year we even got on the opening credits for Match of the Day, which was amazing!"

It's no surprise to hear that McClure's favourite player is the man he could soon be lining up alongside.

McClure said: "It's got to be Chris Waddle - he was just incredible. But I also used to like John Sheridan.

"He could put an 80-yard pass on a five pence piece. His passing was unbelievable."

But when it comes to Steel City rivals Sheffield United, McClure's views differ from that of the average Wednesday fan.

He said: "I was in favour of a merger. I think that the two Sheffield clubs between them could have over 70,000 fans.

"Sheffield is a great city and I think that if we were to have one club and get a bit of money behind it we could be a force.

"But I went on Soccer AM and said that and got a load of grief so there you go! I think the rivalry would stop it ever happening."

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