If you are the drummer in one the UK's most successful bands there can be many benefits, especially if you happen to be a massive football fan.

Ed Lay is the man behind the drum kit in Editors and has been all over the world with the band on their sellout tours.

Between concerts, the lads watch games in the most famous arenas in the world.

But no matter which stadium they may be in, diehard Ipswich Town fan Ed would always rather be at Portman Road.

He said: "I support Ipswich because that is where I am from, and I don't see why I need to support anyone else.

"I am a big believer in the fact that you should support the team that represents the area where you grew up.

"I still remember my first game at Portman Road. We played Middlesbrough and we won 4-0. I will never forget it. I had to stand on a milk crate in one of the old terraces because I was so small at the time!

"It was just a great experience. Dalian Atkinson scored a hat-trick. He was brilliant that day. After he left us he went to Aston Villa at some point and banged in a few crackers for them, too."

Despite being an avid fan, Ed talents on the field don't quite match his percussion skills.

He said: "I absolutely love going to watch matches but I have never been a good player. I was never in the school team, or a youth team, when I was younger and I am still not any good.

"It's a pity because we are often invited to play in celebrity six-a-side tournaments but no one in the band is really any good.

"Even our roadies aren't up to much so we can't get enough decent players together with anyone involved in our tours, which is a bit sad really."

Although it has been a difficult start to the season, the drummer has complete confidence that manager Roy Keane will turn things around and the team will start moving up the table.

He said: "I saw our first game against Coventry and I thought we actually played quite well without getting the right result.

"That seems to have continued for a lot of other games this season. We have been playing not too badly, but just not getting the ball in the back of the net.

"I definitely think Roy Keane should be given time. He has brought in a lot of new players and they will take time to settle. I am sure they will come good.

"Besides, Keane is a legend in the game and he's also proven himself in the Championship, when he managed to get Sunderland promoted.

"He might not get us promoted to the Premier League this season but maybe next. Well, that's what I am hoping!"

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