Actor Ralph Ineson is such a diehard Leeds United nut that every character he plays is a Whites' fan.

Ineson - who played Chris Finch in The Office alongside Ricky Gervais - just loves it when his character supports the Elland Road club.

And if it is not already in a script, he tries to sneak in the odd reference!

There is one exception, however. Chris Finch.

He was so loathsome that Ineson wanted it written in that Finch supported Manchester United - Leeds' arch rivals.

Ineson said: "It was Ricky's idea that Finchy supported Leeds. Normally I would take it as read, because everyone I play ends up a Leeds fan.

"But I wanted Finchy to be a Manchester United fan because he was such a horrible person, but Ricky insisted on Finchy being a Leeds fan."

Ineson, whose voice is instantly recognisable from countless TV adverts and as the continuity announcer on Dave, added: "I try and make all my characters Leeds followers, which is probably a bit sad.

"I was in a series called Playing the Field. I managed to wear a different shirt for each series. In the last one I had an Alan Smith shirt, which may not have been the best choice."

In real life, Ineson - whose dogs are called Eddie and Billy, after Eddie Gray and Billy Bremner - is happy to see the back of this season, even though Leeds finally made it out of League 1 and up into the Championship.

Ineson said: "The last one wasn't a season I particularly enjoyed, watching us almost throw it all away after having such a commanding lead at Christmas time.

"The FA Cup win at Old Trafford was a highlight at the time, but who'd have thought it would turn out to be a bad thing?

"After that result it all started to go wrong. Maybe the players dined out on it a bit.

"I went to Charlton in the second to last game, when we could have gone up if we'd won and was so depressed. I thought 'Oh no, we're not going to do it'.

"But after so many years of under-achieving, it turned out all right in the end."

Ineson still yearns for the glory days at Elland Road, with European trips and eight-figure signings.

He went on: "My kids are not that into football and they see me going off to places like Oldham over the last few years and they are like 'Why aren't you going to Real Madrid any more daddy'?

"I tell them it is a long story. Maybe I should just get over myself and accept we are not where we were. Well, not yet."

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