Joe Elliott has been in some noisy places in his time. As Def Leppard's lead singer he has spent over 30 years touring the world flanked by deafening Marshall Stacks.

But the Sheffield United fan says a Tuesday night at Bramall Lane in the early Seventies still ranks as one of the loudest, and scariest, experiences in his life.

Joe recalls the match when the crowd's din suddenly had him hooked forever on football - and fearing for his hearing!

He said: "It was the 71-72 season, the first one I had bought a season ticket for. It cost me £8 for a seat in the Bramall Lane stand, above the terraces.

"The opening day was Southampton at home and we won 3-1. Then on the following Tuesday we were playing Leeds, also at home.

"This was Leeds, with Billy Bremner, Allan Clarke and all the rest. They brought a whole load of fans over, but we beat them 3-0.

"It gave me my first-ever headache, I remember telling my dad: 'My head hurts' and he just shook his head.

"People were banging on the side of the stand and chanting - it was actually quite scary, because I was only 11 or 12 at the time."

Elliott still follows the team as closely as he can from his home in Dublin, but the days are over of getting up at dawn, flying to England and hiring a car for the match.

He added: "I have a little boy and if I was to go off just for a game of football, I'd get strife when I got home.

"Plus, having sat in airports for all my working life when touring, I'm not about to do it on a Saturday.

"It's my day off and sometimes I want to put my feet up, have a glass of wine and watch the goals on TV at night.

"I am still on the website every day though, and when there is a big game - like our Play-Off against Burnley in 2009, which we lost - then I will make the effort."

Even though Elliott was underwhelmed by United's eighth-place finish in the Championship last season, he is relieved to have done better then Steel City rivals Sheffield Wednesday.

But on hearing news of Wednesday's relegation to League 1, there was no gloating to Def Leppard band-mate Rick Savage - a die-hard Owl.

Elliott said: "I didn't even phone Sav to gloat at all. I might have done a bit 20 years ago, but not now.

"I felt sorry for his boy, because I remember crying my eyes out when we got knocked out of the 1970 World Cup, so I know what he'd have gone through, because he was at the Palace game when they went down.

"Also it is better for the city when we are in the same division. For the two minutes of sniggering when your local rival gets relegated, there is nine months of boredom."

'England Rocks' by Elliot's new outfit 'The Down 'N Outz' will be available on the album My Re Generation, released July 13, 2010. The band is confirmed to play the High Voltage Festival on July 25, 2010.

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