It's another week and another new feature on The Football League's website. We're turning our attentions to celebrity supporters this week and we had to get up pretty early to catch our first one, who is a big Wycombe Wanderers fan.

BBC Breakfast presenter Bill Turnbull has become used to early starts since joining the breakfast team in 2001. You would expect him to want to relax and enjoy his weekends off, but instead Bill joins the Wanderers' media team to commentate on home games for the club's Chairboys Player.

Bill, who has been part of the team at for several seasons now having started covering matches in 2006, explained this was something of a labour of love, and actually better for him that just going to the games as a fan:

"It is easier on the voice to do commentary than it used to be to attend games as a season ticket holder because I used to shout myself hoarse at games. I have to modulate my voice when I am commentating so although it may sound strange it doesn't feel like work at all on a matchday.

"I am not so much a commentator as a fan with a microphone just like any other Wycombe supporter. So it is not exactly professional standard but it is great fun."

The 55-year-old was born in Guildford, 40 odd miles from Adams Park so with league sides Reading, Aldershot Town and Crawley Town, as well as several non-league sides including the likes of Woking and Farnborough a much nearer commute, you may well be wondering how he's ended up a regular at Wycombe.

The answer is down to the sterling work done by the club in the area: "It all started more than 10 years ago when my boys were at school and Wycombe ran their Community courses at the local schools which the boys really enjoyed. Then Wycombe had their famous FA Cup run in 2001 where we all got really involved and went to see them in the semi-final at Villa Park.

"After that we became really dyed-in-the-wool Wycombe fans and season ticket holders. You could call us glory hangers except you'd have to accept that I have been hanging on for quite a long time really.

"I try to get to all the home games and some of the away ones, but only as a fan. I went to Colchester earlier in the season and will go to Brentford if I can because that is another great one to go to for me. I am going up to Oldham as well. It is not easy because I have to get up at 4.45am every day for the Breakfast show. I finish in mid-morning and try and have a nap then start again at lunchtime and try and go through to 9.45pm when I go back to bed. I do get to evening games at home though; I make an exception to have a slightly late finish then."

Bill has a real love of grass roots football, having followed his local side in his youth:

"I used to go to Walton and Hersham because that was where I grew up in the days when Dave Bassett was playing there. That was in the late Seventies. They beat Brighton in the cup when Brian Clough was manager in 1973 I think and had a very good side. The manager Dave was under then took him and half the team off to Wimbledon and they formed the first Crazy Gang."

Wycombe have built a great reputation for cup giant killings over the years, with the FA Cup semi-final of 2001 something that understandably sticks out.

"I suppose the cup run was the highlight and seeing Keith Ryan score against Liverpool right in front of the Holt End where we were all sitting was a pretty magic moment.

"I also remember Jermaine Easter getting the goal that put us into the semi-final of the Carling Cup [Wycombe won 1-0 at Charlton Athletic] and playing Chelsea over two legs. Getting a draw with them in the first leg was special too. The stadium is not a big one but was absolutely rocking when we got that equaliser. That was a good night. When Jose Mourinho was standing in the corridor by reception I remember thinking that we really had hit the big time!

"The best match I ever saw there was against Macclesfield Town in 2006. We were 3-0 down after 13 minutes, then we went 4-3 up but ended up losing 5-4. It was the most incredible game I have ever seen. Russell Martin, who is now with Norwich, scored an absolute killer rifleman shot for one of the goals and I remember it for all of the right and all of the wrong reasons really. It was stunning stuff."

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