Ask any football manager and they will tell you a creative player is worth their weight in gold. Anyone who can demonstrate some flair and provide artistic license is always going to be well received in any dressing room. However it is a pretty rare occasion when an entertainer who can make something happen from nothing isn't actually an attacker.

Step forward Burton Albion's Aaron Webster who is doing that job at the Pirelli Stadium and putting a smile on the faces of his team-mates in the process. The 31-year-old defender is one of the most influential players to ever wear the black and yellow stripes in the Brewers' history, he has made more than 550 appearances in 14 seasons at the club and is approaching 100 goals for the club.

Webster started his Albion career in 1998 and since then has experienced many highs, not least playing a key role in their promotion from the Conference North all the way into The Football League.

The Derby-born defender is held in high regard around the Burton-upon-Trent area for his footballing ability and commitment to the club; but it turns out that is not the only skill he possess, he is just as talented with his hands as well as his feet.

The League 2 defender has a love and gift for drawing caricatures, a hobby he picked up as a young boy.

Webster enjoys creating the drawings, sometimes of his team-mates, in his spare time and believes it is a gift he inherited, as he explained: "I always loved drawing and my uncle was a good artist so he got me into it from an early age.

"He used to draw dot to dot pictures that would create a really good portrait which inspired me to have a go and copy him.

"Some of my aunties and uncles have kept pictures I drew at the age of six which I've seen since, and looking back at them they are still pretty good."

For many footballers, school was all about PE, but thanks to his relatives' influence, art was another subject in which Webster thrived.

"From there it was an enjoyable hobby I took into school and I got better at it always achieving Grade A's," he added.

"At school I loved PE and art, they were the lessons I most looked forward to and never wanted to miss.

"When you're at school you do lots of different forms of art, but now you have the freedom to draw what you want and I preferred creating caricatures."

Whilst a lot of professional footballers may play other sports like golf or computer games in their spare time, the Burton Albion defender prefers his more unique hobby. The attacker turned full-back believes his personal interest is great fun and a fantastic way of getting other people involved.

"It is certainly a hobby I like doing when I get the chance. Sometimes I like to sit down with my daughter, put some music on in the background and just draw some caricatures.

"It's more entertaining drawing your mates, you get a lot of banter from it especially if your drawing someone with a certain feature like a big nose, you can make it look larger in the picture.

"That's got to be one of my favourite things about the art; there is so much fun involved.

"Last year I drew caricature portraits of Russell Penn, Jacques Maghoma, John McGrath and Darren Moore. They liked the pictures so much they took them home to keep. It's always nice when people appreciate your drawings so much they want to have them.

"I think if I could draw any footballer in the world past or present it would have to be Ronaldo or Ronaldinho as they have certain features you can really emphasise on when drawing."

As shown throughout his career on the pitch Webster is well known for his set-piece skills, something that requires a lot of practice on the training ground. The 6ft defender admits he is also a perfectionist when it comes to art, a subject that he has to be in the frame of mind for.

"I do have to be in the mood for drawing, I'm a perfectionist and because I use a pen you can't get rid of your mistakes so if I go wrong I have to start all over again.

"Sometimes art is a nice way of getting away from football, it's always nice to come home, chill out and get my drawing pads out to mess around.

"I know many footballers play golf in their spare time, I tried that out and I was awful at it, so I much prefer drawing."

Knowing he won't last forever in football, Webster wants to enjoy the rest of his playing career before thinking about what life has in store for him after he retires.

With a large reputation around the Burton-upon-Trent area he wouldn't rule out becoming an artist, as he looks to keep his options wide open after his playing career.

He said: "I'm 31-years-old and I've not got too much longer left to play in my football career, so for now that is what I want to concentrate on.

"Caricatures are something I have considered doing when I finally hang up my boots but I would rather do it as a hobby as I couldn't do it all the time.

"I do love art though and something I have considered doing is becoming a tattooist, but we will wait and see.

"I've taken one of my coaching badges so staying in football could still be an option. If I was to leave the game I would certainly miss the training ground banter and seeing the lads every day, so it's something I would like to stick with.

"If given the chance I would certainly like to make money out of my drawings. After playing for Burton for so many years and having my name around the town it could be an opportunity to make a bit of business out of it."

So with an immediate focus on helping to write a further chapter in Burton's history books, it is his feet rather than his hands that will be doing the talking for the next little while at least, but after that, who knows...

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