Name: Steven Gillespie
Position: Striker
Date of Birth: 04/06/1985
Club: Fleetwood Town
Previous Clubs: Bristol City, Cheltenham Town, Colchester United

What do you remember about your first ever match?
My first ever game was at Wycombe Wanderers, in the League Cup, for Bristol City and I came on as a substitute and I managed to set up a goal, which was pleasing. I was just buzzing to be a part of it really.

Who was your childhood hero?
Robbie Fowler, closely followed by John Barnes.

When did you realise you had a chance to progress in the game? 
Like most Liverpudlians, I kicked a ball around, but probably not until I was 15. I got picked up by Liverpool at nine but if I wasn't playing with them, I was playing with my friends. When I started getting around the scholarship age, I realised it was what I wanted to do on a full-time basis.

Which coach has had the biggest influence on your career?
It will be tough to pick one - I was fortunate to have a few very good coaches at Liverpool as I was there from when I was nine until I was 19. Early on, probably Robbie Johnson, who did a lot of work for the schoolboys and for the football club. Later on, probably Dave Shannon - a very good coach. Those two have had the biggest influence coaching-wise but the biggest influence on my career has been from my dad, he's done everything for me.

What did you spend your first wage packet on?
It was a while ago now and it wouldn't have been that much money, to be honest. It was probably one of the simple things - going to the cinema or something like that.

Does your squad number have a special meaning to you?
Not really, I've had a couple of number seven shirts - at Cheltenham and Colchester - and with the Liverpool connections - all the legends have had the number seven - that has meant it was nice to have it. But, at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter to me.

Who did you last swap shirts with?
I've never actually swapped shirts.

If you could have coached yourself when you were a teenager, what advice would you have passed on?
That's a tough question. I remember staying behind at training with Robbie Johnson when I was a young kid and he taught me different techniques of how to strike a ball - so probably that.

If you stay in the game at the end of your career, what will you do? a) Manager b) Coach c) Scout d) Physio e) Pundit?
I'd definitely like to coach, who knows? There are a lot of players wanting to do the same thing but I certainly want to stay in the game. I will be looking into my badges.

What do you want to be best remembered for at the end of your career?
Like all strikers, scoring goals. That's something that every striker will tell you - they want to be remembered for scoring goals. Big goals in big games.

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