Think footballers and clothing, and you'll no doubt conjure images of players in club tracksuits or designer labels.

However, in Wiltshire, Swindon Town midfielder Simon Ferry is breaking the stereotype and bucking the trend by wearing vintage clothing and helping his fiance sell it.

Ferry developed a passion for fashion, and in particular vintage clothing, thanks to his fashionista better half, Steph McCormick. McCormick has long been into the old-school style and before Ferry joined the Robins, the couple would scour Glasgow for items when they lived in Scotland.

Now, the couple are developing their passion by selling items via an online store.

"If you look at what most footballers wear compared to my stuff it's quite different, and I like that," admits midfielder Ferry, who joined Swindon from Celtic on a permanent deal in 2010.

"I like to wear unique items nobody else has, that's what I like about it. It's cheap, too. You visit a lot of markets and charity shops and you can find Burberry jumpers in great condition for a fiver. It's brilliant.

"When I first met my missus she was working in a vintage clothes shop in Glasgow. She was really interested in clothing and fashion, particularly old-school stuff. At that stage I didn't know too much about it.

"She started to show me a few places around the city and I liked the style, I really got into it. She started getting into it even more in her spare time and set up her own store. At first she didn't want me to do much in terms of promoting it because she didn't want me to use my position as a footballer to help, but now we do it together."

The duo seemingly have a good eye for fashion, too, as business has been steady since opening in March 2011.

And Ferry, of course, has tried to encourage his fellow professionals to follow his lead.

"Callum Kennedy, who used to play for Swindon and is now at Scunthorpe [United], and his sister, got involved doing a bit of modelling for us. Then Michael Timlin, now at Southend [United], did a bit as well," explains Ferry.

"Callum got quite into the stuff and bought a few bits, he seems to like the style. The rest of the boys used to take the mic when I first started but now some of them have taken more of an interest.

"John Bostock, for example, has recently started asking me about it, but on the whole I find footballers and their views on gear quite simple. Most are quite happy wearing tracksuits."

Since his move to Wiltshire, the Scot and his partner have scoured the local area for clothing.

And luckily for them, it seems as though Swindon and the surrounding areas are a hotbed for the vintage style.

"Places like Wooton Bassett and Cirencester - we find loads of stuff round there. We've found jackets in great condition. We've found denim jackets they sell pretty well and shifted a lot of polka dot shirts and t-shirts.

"My missus is really into fashion trends, so she keeps an eye on what's hot and we try and find stuff in line with that. The thing is, charity shops usually sell things in good condition these days, so you know you're getting good quality. And when we're finished with some of our stuff we take a lot back to the charity shops around Swindon."

Ferry has become a father this year and he admits his responsibilities as a parent have taken priority.

The business opportunity has though given the midfielder a firm idea of how he'd like to spend his days when he hangs up his boots.

"When we first started we were doing really well. At that stage there weren't many people doing it, there were something like 28 stores like ours on the internet. Now, there's 200.

"We've recently had a kid, so we've had to reign it in a bit for the time being because we're competing against proper businesses. We're passionate about it, it's more than a hobby for us, but some of the stores are proper businesses and we just don't have the time to compete.

"They advertise and market themselves properly. That's something we'd like to do, but at the moment it's hard. When our kid's a bit older we might develop it and put more time into it and when I'm finished playing I'd love to open a clothes shop with a barbers. Until then, we might develop our own website - we'll see."

Ferry's retirement from football is some way off. The current 2012/13 campaign is the 24-year-old's fourth as a Swindon Town player, only his seventh as a professional and with Swindon currently occupying a seventh spot in npower League 1, he feels he has unfinished business.

Ferry was part of the Swindon squad that narrowly missed out on promotion to the Championship in 2010/11 after narrowly losing in the Play-Off final against Millwall.

The following season, Swindon were relegated to League 2 and now, having returned to the third tier under Paolo Di Canio, Ferry and co. are preparing to consolidate their position near the top against promotion rivals Sheffield United next Tuesday, the Blades led by the manager who bought Ferry to England, Danny Wilson.

"We've got a big test against Sheffield United next week and we need to impress after a good win at Stevenage last week. We'd lost ground on some of the top teams, so another good performance and a win would be very welcome.

"We're doing okay, but personally I think we should be higher up the table. With the players we've got we've had some disappointing results in October and we need to get back to how we were playing at the beginning of the season. We should be pushing the teams right at the top."

Swindon remain seventh in the standings, despite a disappointing October.

The Robins have won just twice in the last six games and Ferry believes the side need to learn from their mistakes if they're to enjoy a second consecutive promotion.

"The difference between this season and last is we're getting punished for mistakes we would have got away with in League 2.

"We also need to put our chances away. We've had a few games where we've created loads and not taken advantage. Hopefully we'll start putting them away and the wins will follow."

Ferry will certainly be hoping for style and substance on and off the field going into 2013.

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