Name: Fitz Hall
Position: Defender
Date of Birth: 20/12/1980
Club: Watford
Previous Clubs: Chesham United, Oldham Athletic, Southampton, Crystal Palace, Wigan Athletic, Queens Park Rangers, Newcastle United (loan).

What do you remember about your first ever match?
I was just really nervous before the game, sweating buckets. I was playing centre-back for Oldham against Huddersfield, and it ended up being okay because their striker was sent off after five minutes.

Who was your childhood hero?
I used to be a striker so it was Ian Wright. 

When did you realise you had a chance to progress in the game?
I didn't turn pro until I was 21 so it was a bit of a surprise - I signed from a non-league club. I got a phone call to say that Chesham had accepted a bid from Oldham Athletic - like I say, it was a bit of a surprise. From the age of eight I played for West Ham United until I was 16, and then I got released. I thought my dream was over and I suppose I got a bit lucky and someone believed in me when I was 21.

Which coach has had the biggest influence on your career?
Iain Dowie. I can't say enough good things about him. He took me out of non-league and understands me more than anyone. I just think he's a great manager and a great trainer.

What did you spend your first wage packet on?
I love trainers, I've always loved them, so probably a really expensive pair of trainers.

Does your squad number have a special meaning to you?
This is the first time I've wore number six and it's my little girl's birth date. I've had some injuries over the years wearing number five so I changed to six, my little girl's birth date, and so far so good.

Who did you last swap shirts with?
I last swapped shirts with Emmanuel Ledesma, who's now at Middlesbrough.

How has the game changed for the better since you became a pro?
It certainly has changed for the better. It's become slightly more professional. When I first started the rules were a lot looser but I think there's more discipline installed now and I think it helps as we are all better athletes because of it.

If you could have coached yourself when you were a teenager, what advice would you have passed on?
Enjoy growing up being a young footballer because you're never going to get them moments back.

If you stay in the game at the end of your career, what will you do? a) Manager b) Coach c) Scout d) Physio e) Pundit?
If I stay in football I think I would probably do more of the agent kind of work, rather than coaching. If I coach I wouldn't mind doing it on a one-on-one basis rather than managing a group.

What do you want to be best remembered for at the end of your career?
Hopefully not my nickname, if I'm honest, just a ball-playing centre-back.

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