Sports presenters are supposed to maintain some semblance of neutrality when they're working, but it's not always easy.

For example, if you watch Sky Sports' Soccer Saturday, you'll note Jeff Stelling likes to celebrate or commiserate depending on how his beloved Hartlepool United are doing.

And if you look closely on Sky Sports News, in particular when Natalie Sawyer is working, you might just find a little smile if Brentford have won.

"It's funny because you're not supposed to show your allegiajences on air but I'm not going to hide the fact I'm a Brentford fan," laughs Natalie, a devoted Bee currently working in her 'dream job'. "If I emphasise the fact I'm a Brentford fan it's not the end of the world.

"Sometimes I'll be working on a Saturday and either reading through the results on air or working behind the scenes and it's nice to celebrate, maybe a little fist pump if I'm not on camera. Then there are times I've been working when, say, Brentford might have sacked the manager and that can be tough and sad."

Sawyer's first taste of football was a family outing to watch the Bees draw 1-1 with Bristol Rovers in the 80s.

Nothing spectacular about the result, you might think, but the ephemera of the matchday experience was enough to entice her for life.

"It's our local club. I was brought up in Chiswick near Kew Bridge, so it has always been our local club. One year we all decided to go and watch a game for my brother's birthday and we all got hooked by it. Watching football with the family was fun.

"There was a big group of us and I remember I was the only girl, which I quite liked. I remember the haze of the floodlights on what was a chilly October evening and we all loved everything about it. It was a fun thing for all of us to do on a Saturday and we went back soon after.

"Brentford is a great family club and because the ground is small it's intimate. I love Griffin Park and it's so accessible, you almost feel like you're on top of the players. It's a lot of fun. Even now, fans can meet the players after the game pretty easily, so it's a lovely club.

"I think you get more interaction with your team's players when you're in The Football League. Maybe I'm biased and maybe it's because I don't support a Premier League club, but I love the fact we're the smaller brother of Fulham, Chelsea and Queens Park Rangers, the small club in west London - we're different. I don't think you get the access to players we enjoy at this level at bigger clubs."

Even though Sawyer has a busy life as a sports reporter, she's still able to get to a lot of games, except for weekends when she's away with the girls.

And by going to matches, seeing the action firsthand, she has strong opinions about the current squad and how they are performing.

"I hate missing games. I was on a hen party for the Sheffield United match [the Bees won 2-0] and I was gutted to miss that one, I always seem to miss the classics. I quite often get invited to other games but I can't go and watch other matches or support other teams. I plan my life around Brentford.

"At the minute, we have strength all over the pitch. I can't speak highly enough of the current squad.

"We are playing with such confidence, it seems a totally different team to last season. We've bought in some new players, but they're playing with such confidence that you can't help but feel optimistic, and traditionally I'm a cautious optimistic.

"I've been lucky enough to meet Uwe [Rosler] and the players and there seems to be a tremendous spirit in the camp - that's what makes you feel confident. It's very close at the top but already we've reigned in Tranmere Rovers, who were running away with it earlier in the season, so who knows?"

Attaining npower Championship football is the focus for the Bees this year but having seen so many highs and lows as a Bee, Natalie is happy simply enjoying the current successful streak while she can.

"We've been in League 1 for a while now but we've been promoted, relegated and experienced the Play-Offs - so at the moment it's great. The only thing that can be frustrating about having a good season, like we're enjoying, is that you know other clubs start looking at your better players.

"Some might move on, but that's the worst thing about being a Football League fan. We survive by selling players, which is frustrating. Brentford have always done well when it comes to spotting and nurturing talent. I quite often watch Premier League games and find myself thinking: 'he used to play for us' or 'we developed him'."

Promotion this season could help Brentford keep some of their star names, with npower Championship football likely to be a big enough pull to stay at Griffin Park.

And, should the Bees find themselves playing in a higher division next season, you can guarantee you'll find one happy presenter on your television screens.

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