Swindon Town have enlisted the help of a revolutionary coaching company to help Youth Team players develop at the club.

Next Generation Coaching have been brought in to give seminars to parents and Youth coaches about the importance of positive language and communication.

Club Chief Executive Nick Watkins agreed the partnership.

He said: "Children will believe what a parent or coach tell them, because they see them as an authority figure.

"By using language to influence them positively, coaches can implant some very powerful and beneficial messages in a child's mind.

"We felt that it was essential that messages being delivered and received were aligned, hence the reason for bringing parents and coaches together."

The project launches with a two-hour seminar at the County Ground on Wednesday, October 7.

This will give attendees an idea of how beliefs are formed in young minds, and how this influences self esteem and performance.

For information on attending the course, please contact the club on 0871 423 6433.

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