Youth coaches from the 68 Football League clubs operating an Academy or Centre of Excellence are attending seminars to help them develop the next generation of elite British coaches.

The Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme, devised by The Football League and delivered by The Football Association, aims at co-ordinating the coaching of young players.

CPD focuses on improving players' skill, technique, mental conditioning, health and tactical awareness, and educates the coaches in each of these areas.

It forms part of the obligatory 18 hours annual development required by those who coach Under-18s.

More than 1,200 technical, medical and sports science staff from League clubs will attend the events, which are held across five regions.

Staff from Wigan Athletic, Burnley and Hull City are also taking part in order to ensure that they receive the appropriate training to assist in improving the technical delivery in their Centres of xcellence.

In addition to the CPD, the FA will soon unveil a blueprint outlining the long-term coaching strategy of young players.