By Tony Dewhurst

Few issues surrounding football are debated without Gordon Taylor, The Professional Footballers' Association passionately committed Chief Executive, making one of his constructive contributions.

His 30-year-old involvement with the players' union, among the most turbulent in English football history, has been characterised by a fierce determination to do right by the players and a flair for negotiation which has enabled him to take on the role of trouble-shooter in many of the disputes - over breakaway leagues and television money - that might have otherwise wrecked the game.

The enduring bond between the Professional Footballers' Association and The Football League Trust has gone from strength to strength, promoting many valuable initiatives and projects.

"We have a very strong partnership with The Football League Trust and the way the community projects continue to develop is one of the most successful concepts in football" said Taylor.

"The community initiatives do great work and it doesn't get the recognition it deserves.

"It started off with six clubs - Manchester United and Manchester City, Oldham, Bolton, Preston and Bury, now we have this great work going on all over the country and that's amazing.

"We recognise community champions at different clubs and there's great work addressing anti-racism, mental health, equality and knife crime issues.

"Another example was the Future Jobs Fund initiative, people gaining genuine employment through football.

"Football can get to places that school teachers and politicians can't reach and the social responsibility that football has signed into is unique in England."

As well as encouraging player appearances to help the Football Clubs' Community Schemes engage with their local communities, The PFA support The Football League Trust on a financial level, and it is that backing and commitment that underpins the ongoing success at each and every Community Scheme up and down the country.