Football for Heroes week is eight days of action where all 72 Football League clubs are dedicating their home game to supporting Help for Heroes, The Football League's Official Charity Partner which rehabilitates injured military personnel.

From royalty to politicians, we've had messages of support for Football for Heroes week flooding in since the initiative was announced this week and these are all listed below.  Lots more will be added as they come in but if you want to add your own message then you can by just emailing it along with your name and which club you support to or sending us a message via Twitter at

To find out more about Help for Heroes and the work they do click here.



"The Football League's week of action to support Help for Heroes is a superb way getting behind the men and women of the Armed Services, who lay their lives on the line for us - and so many of whom have been badly wounded," said Prince William.

"These Servicemen and women, for whom duty is everything, have earned the support of this country.I urge everyone at a League game to get behind Help for Heroes in any way they can."


Gerry Sutcliffe, MP for Bradford South:

"I am delighted to support The Football League's 'Football for Heroes' week that is giving something back to so many of our loyal troops and their families.

"It's fantastic that all 72 clubs in The League are right behind this and also working hard to raise money for our soldiers inured in the line of duty for their country."

Hugh Robertson, MP for Faversham and Mid Kent:

"Having spent just over ten years in The Army myself, I know how important it is for soldiers on active service to know that they are supported at home.

"Through their many clubs, The Football League are uniquely placed to make this contribution and I am absolutely delighted that they are supporting Help for Heroes."


Lord Mawhinney, Chairman:

"The contribution being made by our armed forces around the world is both outstanding and humbling.As a nation we seldom thank them enough for the sacrifices they make.The Football for Heroes week will provide an excellent opportunity for supporters to show their appreciation for the work they do."


"Johnstone's Paints are proud to be associated with the Football for Hero's campaign. We will be supporting the heroic work, carried out by our armed forces, through activities at the Johnstone's Paint Trophy Final and into next season."


John Leppard, Chairman:

"We are delighted to support this particular charity especially with Aldershot being the home of the British Army. We are very proud to be associated with Football for Heroes"

Don Rowing, General Manager and Director:

"The Club are absolutely delighted to join with the rest of The Football League to show our support for such a magnificent and noble cause.

"Members of the British Armed Forces are this country's real heroes and the football community would like to show our gratitude for the very real risks they take on a daily basis in the line of duty while serving and protecting our country".

Karl Oyston, Chairman

"We are extremely honoured to be joining the other clubs in The Football League to once again show our support for Help for Heroes. It is vitally important that we continue to help our Armed Forces by raising money to provide specialist care and treatment."

Nick Higgs, Chairman:

"We have already staged a very successful Help for Heroes event this season, and we are delighted to be involved again. This is a charity very close to the hearts of many of our fans, and we hope that this week of action will help raise lots of money as well as awareness of the great work being done to help our brave troops."

Dave Jones, Manager & Football League Help for Heroes Ambassador:

"Help for Heroes is a fantastic cause. I'm a great supporter of our armed forces because I believe that they do a very important job for us. When we had the Welsh Guards here as our guests at Cardiff City Stadium last October, they were quite humble. But we are the ones who should be humble when you look at the job they do - they had just come home from Afghanistan.

"You are always going to get people who don't appreciate what the forces do, but I'm not bothered about them. I'm bothered about these guys who are coming back - and when I say guys I mean men or women - who have an injury or post-traumatic stress. They need all the help we can give them.

"When you hear of the horrific injuries that some of these guys have, and the mental stress they are going through, football shrinks into a tiny dot by comparison.

"People treat football as a matter of life and death, but these guys' lives really are at risk. We play for pride and results, but our servicemen and women put their lives on the line.

"Football is put into proper perspective compared to what our armed forces are doing for us."

Andy Hall, Media Officer:

"I left the Army after 25 years of service in the Royal Engineers in April last year. We saw firsthand the amount of good will that is directed towards the Armed Forces at the moment when we invited our local Regiment to one of our games in September.

"The team management and players were genuinely awe-struck at some of the stories that the soldiers had to tell, and we think that a week of action like this by The Football League will help to focus all of our minds on the excellent job that Help For Heroes is doing in trying to assist those Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen who may require a helping hand."

Barrie Hubbard, Chairman:

"We are delighted to be part of this Football League initiative as the Help for Heroes charity is such a worthy cause."

Chris Coleman, Manager:

"Help for Heroes gives us the chance to say thanks to our soldiers for protecting us and keeping us safe. In doing so they put their own lives at risk every day. Thanks guys."

Tom Glick, CEO:

"Help for Heroes is a charity we are thrilled to support. As a club we are dedicated to helping good causes and the work done by Help the Heroes is hugely relevant in our lives today."

David Smith, Commercial Manager:

"We at Grimsby Town Football Club fully support the Help for Heroes cause and will go to great lengths to promote this tremendous campaign that benefits our brave men and women of the Armed Forces."

Russ Green, Chief Executive:

"We whole-heartedly support Help For Heroes and have done since its conception. We feel this is a very worthwhile cause, which has come to the public forefront more than ever over the last couple of years.

"It is concerning that over 200 of our troops have been killed in Afghanistan but this is not only for these guys, it is also for those who have suffered dreadful injuries and have to carry on with their lives.

"This cause is appreciated more than ever at a Football Club when we have players out there on a Saturday who are all the same age as those going out to fight - that makes it all the more poignant."

Simon Clegg, Chief Executive:

"As a Football League Ambassador for Help for Heroes and a former Army officer, I am very keen to help this very important charity as much as possible.

"We are organising a series of activities around our game against Sheffield United in May but will also be showing our support during the League's week of action at our home game against Cardiff City"

Barry Hearn, Chairman:

"We're delighted to support the Football for Heroes week at our game against Walsall.

"I have a lot of time for the work Help for Heroes is doing for those men and women unfortunate to be injured whilst serving their country and raising awareness and funds for the charity is the least we can do.

"This club has a long and proud history of working with the services, right the way back to its involvement in the World War One war effort and it is important that we show our appreciation for their work today."

Dave Roberts, Chief Executive

"We are delighted to be taking part and we will be using the national week as a prelude to our own big event for Help for Heroes which is taking place over the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend."

Pete Winkelman, Chairman:

"Our efforts to support Help for Heroes have been ongoing all season and this week will be our latest display for commitment for a very worthy cause.

"I sincerely hope our efforts can go some way to recognising the sacrifices so many have made for our country all over the world."

Chris Hughton, Manager:

"We are delighted to be supporting The Football League's Official Charity, Help for Heroes. It's a terrific cause and myself and all the lads are right behind it. In doing our own little bit at our game against Barnsley, and joining forces with all our member clubs, we hope the week of awareness proves very beneficial for the charity."

David Cardoza, Chairman:

"We are very pleased to support Help for Heroes. Here at Northampton Town we have a proud record of working with the local community and our charity work, and each year we help launch the Northampton Poppy Appeal, so we were delighted when the Football League chose Help for Heroes as their official charity.

"At the Cheltenham game last Saturday we held a collection for another armed forces charity, so our link with them is strong and we are looking forward to paying tribute to those brave men and women at the Darlington game."

Ray Trew, Chairman:

"Help for Heroes is such an important charity, I would encourage all of our fans to dig deep and show their support for this cause."

"It's all too easy for us, here in the UK, to take for granted the freedom and security that our troops are fighting for in Afghanistan and around the world.

Ali Russell, Deputy Managing Director:

"We hosted local servicemen and women when we played Coventry City at Loftus Road earlier this season, and it was a fantastic occasion.

"The QPR supporters gave them all a great reception, which they fully deserve for the incredible sacrifices they have made and continue to make for their country. We are all thoroughly looking forward to welcoming them here again for what I am sure will be another memorable occasion."

Sir John Madejski, Chairman

"We are proud to help our heroic armed forces. We never forget the sacrifices our troops are willing to make and this Football League campaign is very worthy indeed."

Mark Hitchens, Customer Liaison Officer

"The people in the forces do a fantastic job for the country and this is our opportunity to show our appreciation."

Geoffrey King, Chief Executive:

"Our armed forces are doing a tremendous job in difficult circumstances. Help for Heroes is a tremendous charity and it is our honour to support their cause through Football for Heroes Week."

Roy Whalley, Chief Executive:

"This is a great opportunity for the people of Walsall to come out in force in order to show their gratitude for the work being undertaken by British forces in Afghanistan and other parts of the World and an understanding of the sacrifices being made in defending Britain's interests around the World."

Malky Mackay, Manager:

"Help for Heroes is a cause that we are delighted and honoured to support.As many people know, a well-known Watford fan, Tom Sawyer, was killed at just 26 years old in action in Afghanistan last year and we have worked with Tom's parents in helping and supporting them through their difficult time.

"It's something we feel is important to participate in to honour our countries troops.

"They are out there, putting their lives on the line for our country and I'm delighted that in some small way we can honour them in our Help for Heroes at Vicarage Road."

Scott Loach, Goalkeeper:

"It's something that's very close to my heart as my brother is in the army and serving in Germany at the moment. Watford are really proud to support all the armed forces and heroes around the country and the world today. There are a lot of families who have lost loved ones while they were doing all this hard work in the forces and if we can all show out support today, it would mean a lot."

Scott Carson, Goalkeeper & Captain:

"The Football League could not have picked a more worthwhile cause for its official charity. There's always a lot of talk about footballers being heroes and role models. But the real heroes are those who go off to serve their country in the military and who have to deal with the consequences.

"It's a very humbling experience to think we can do something, however small, to promote their cause so all the players will be delighted to play their part on Saturday.

"The charity does a lot of great work to rehabilitate members of the British Armed Forces injured in the line of duty. It's easy to forget that the troops that do get hurt while fighting for the country have to get on with their lives once they return home, and any support that any of us can give them is extremely important."

Martyn Starnes, Chief Executive:

"We are really pleased to be able to offer support for our boys in hostile environments. I am sure the people of Yeovil will support Help for Heroes in a very positive way."


Alan and Elaine Bell - Billingham

"We support Hartlepool United and fully endorse and support the Football for Heroes campaign.Our daughter and son-in-law returned from Afghanistan in October 2009, Joanne was based a Lashkar Gah and Alan was attached to 2 Rifles from the Royal Signals.These men and women do a fantastic job in adverse conditions so far away from home and their loved ones.I am sure they appreciate all the support from home and knowing that their football teams are doing well and supporting them.We are proud owners of a signed "Poppy" shirt from Antony Sweeney which was put up for bidding on e-bay after the remembrance day week end game. This is being presented to Joanne and Alan at Hartlepool game against Swindon on 27 3 10 as they have been unable to be home to be presented with it. We hope this week raises awareness and support for our wonderful troops."

Help for Heroes has been selected as the official charity partner of The Football League for the duration of the 2009/10 season click here for more information

Click here to donate now via The Football League's dedicated Help for Heroes donation page