The Football League Board of Directors is responsible for providing the organisation's strategic direction.

The Board consists of 10 directors, six of whom are divisional representatives elected by member clubs. The divisional representatives include three directors from Championship clubs, two from League 1 clubs and one from a League 2 club.

The remaining four directors are independent of clubs and include the Chairman, the Chief Executive and two Independent non-executive directors.

The current members of The Football League Board are:

Greg Clarke (Chairman)

Shaun Harvey (Chief Executive)

Richard Bowker CBE (Independent Director)

Debbie Jevans CBE (Independent Director)

Andy Ambler (Millwall)

Keith Lamb (Middlesbrough)

Karl Oyston (Blackpool)

James Rodwell (Notts County)

Matt Porter (Leyton Orient)

Ian Lenagan (Oxford United)