The decision of the Professional Football Compensation Committee meeting held on Monday 24 August 2009 in London in relation to the registration of Myles Weston with Brentford is as follows:

• The PFCC decided that Brentford should pay Notts County an initial compensation fee of £25,000.

• Additionally, Brentford is to pay Notts County a further £10,000 after the player has made 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 appearances i.e. a total further payment of up to £50,000.

Brentford should also pay Notts County a further sum of £40,000 if they are promoted to the Championship in the next two seasons assuming the player remains at the club.

Notts County should receive 25% of any profit made by Brentford in selling the player to another club in the future.

In setting this compensation fee, the PFCC took into account the costs of training and development, the player's age and playing record, the length of time he was registered with his former club, the terms offered by both clubs, the status of the two clubs, previous committee decisions and the interest shown by other clubs in acquiring the registration of the player.

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