1. Which team finished with the lowest points total in The Football League?

a) Doncaster Rovers
b) Rochdale
c) Macclesfield Town

2. Who had the most hauls of three or more goals in a match?

a) Rickie Lambert
b) Jordan Rhodes
c) Both the same

3. Which team had the biggest average attendance of the season?

a) West Ham United
b) Southampton
c) Sheffield Wednesday

4. Which of these Championship managers was the first to depart?

a) Steve Cotterill
b) Sven-Goran Eriksson
c) Steve McClaren

5. Who scored the opening goal of The Football League season?

a) Gary Taylor-Fletcher
b) Adam Lallana
c) Will Buckley

6. Who topped the Championship table after the opening weekend?

a) Southampton
b) Ipswich Town
c) West Ham United

7. Which Football League team got furthest in the FA Cup?

a) Birmingham City
b) Brighton & Hove Albion
c) Leicester City

8. Which of these teams will be moving to a new ground next season?

a) Rotherham United
b) Northampton Town
c) Port Vale

9. The Dalai Lama will be visiting whose ground this summer?

a) Ipswich Town's
b) Crawley Town's
c) Aldershot Town's

10. What will the League Cup be called next season?

a) American Express Cup
b) Capital One Cup
c) Barclay's Cup

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