Cheltenham Town winger Josh Low will be aiming for major honours even after he hangs up his boots.

Low, 30, is in the final year of an Open University law degree and plans to become a solicitor specialising in criminal cases at the end of his playing career.

He is spending some time this summer on work experience at Gloucester law firm Lacopi Palmer.

Low has another year to run on his Cheltenham contract but the father-of-three has long recognised the need to plan for the future.

He said: "Players who spend the majority of their careers in League 1 and League 2 have to look at alternative income streams. Unless they are very lucky they will not be able to just retire and play golf.

"You never know with football when it will end. Careers can finish very quickly with an injury or a contract running out.

"There are other players doing degrees - but they are definitely in the minority."

Low, whose grandfather was a solicitor, was encouraged by his father to consider law and took an A-level at night school while playing for Cardiff City in his early 20s.

After gaining an A-grade, the former Peterborough United and Northampton Town winger began studying for the OU degree five years ago and will sit his final exam in October.

He said: "It has been quite intensive. I spend two or three hours studying every day.

"Most of it is done from home. But I have tutorials every few weeks and have contact with my tutor once a week on the phone.

"I'm hoping to get a first-class honours degree. If I can get a first in this year of the course I will probably get a first overall."

Since the end of the season Low has been spending time at the magistrates' and Crown courts in Gloucester shadowing seasoned solicitors.

He said: "I'm particularly interested in criminal cases. That's what I would like to specialise in."

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