For the first time in what seemed like ages we were allowed a lie in!

Martin and the Global Adventure Challenges support team had left us to our own devices with our only instruction being we had to be at the check-in for the Eurostar at the Gar du Nord by 3:30pm.

After breakfast everyone chose different things to do, so choosing to take it easy and sit in a cafe, others going for a stroll along the Seine, and some heading into Paris to find somewhere for lunch.

I headed out with my roommate Nick and Derby fan Jack. As we wandered towards the Eiffel Tower for some reason we decided it would be a good idea to walk up the Eiffel Tower…

Despite the aches and pains I'm glad we took the opportunity to do it and see Paris on a glorious day, and it gave us a chance to pick out the Arc de Triumphe on the skyline.

When we boarded the Eurostar we discovered some of the group had had a rather different morning. Relaxing in a café, our Wycombe fan and some of our Oxford fans had been approached by someone who came over to shake their hand. It was only as they got near that they realised it was the new President of France, Francois Hollande! You may think this was a coincidence and that he was in fact out generating support for his party, but we are pretty convinced he had been following the #ArchToArc on Twitter and so had actively sought out some of the riders in order to offer them his personal congratulations.

Much of the Eurostar journey back was spent testing our knowledge with a sports quiz, and catching up on all the news we had missed out on by reading the Sunday papers. Once we emerged from the tunnel back into England, however, everyone went straight to their phones to pick up all the phone messages and text they had received while they'd been away.

Arrival in St. Pancras saw the riders start to go their separate ways, with some picking up their bikes and heading off and others getting a minibus back to the start point at Wembley Stadium. Though we said goodbye, I'm pretty sure the riders will be keeping in touch with each over with some great new friendships formed.

Ready to walk up the Eiffel Tower!

It was starting to sink in what we had actually achieved. It had been a truly incredible few days, and an experience none of us will ever forget.

Thanks need to go to everyone that made this trip what it was - Steve and his team from Help the Hospices, the event support crew from Global Adventure Challenges, everyone that sponsored and supporters the riders, and last but not least every single one of the participants. Each of them put themselves through so much, pushing each other on to the end. For me personally, they all made the experience what it was and it was a privilege to be able to spend the three days riding alongside them.

If you haven't yet sponsored one of the Arch to Arc riders, please do so - you support really does make a difference.

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Picking out the Arc from the Paris skyline