The Football League Trust is a registered charity (no. 1132689) that governs, advises and audits the 72 charitable trusts associated with the professional clubs of The Football League.

These 72 trusts have a combined turnover of over £44 million, and 2,500 members of staff who deliver a wide range of projects under The Trust's main themes of Sport, Education, Inclusion and Health.

In the past 12 months these projects have engaged with over 1.3 million people of all ages, in projects ranging from sport for children, employment skills for the homeless, drug rehabilitation and estate based projects to reduce anti-social behaviour.

In addition to helping its network secure funding on a local and regional basis, The Trust brings in central funding of around £8 million from a variety of private, public and third sector sources which it allocates to its network as core funding and for specific projects.

The vision of The Football League Trust

Football clubs are more than just providers of weekly entertainment for the millions of fans who watch the beautiful game every week.

Over the past 30 years, the Government and the football authorities have commended the 'Power of Football' to influence the lives of people and communities and now recognise the full potential of the game, and individual clubs in particular, to take the lead in effecting positive social change.

In their response to the Select Committee's recent inquiry into football and its governance, The Department for Culture, Media and Sport, said: "As the national game, football has exceptional reach into every community in this country.

"It is therefore able to deliver important benefits to the wider society outside the game itself and can play a big part in helping to rebuild parts of our society which recent events have shown to be so lacking in positive focus and opportunity.

"Coaches, players and volunteers should be important, positive role models to whom young people can look up to, particularly in the absence of other influential figures in their lives."

It has also become clear that, whilst football has great potential to help its communities, its power will only be truly realised if leadership and support is provided for their sense of what is possible.

Every club has the potential to engage with their local communities in ways which can benefit them both and the Football League Trust, established in 2007, has helped provide that expert leadership and support, expanding and increasing their range of programmes.

The Trust has set itself the challenge of bringing together and advocating the very best approaches to community work across The Football League and becoming a leader of youth and community development.

This is a significant undertaking, with The League having 72 member clubs, all with unique histories and visions of how they relate to and support their different communities.

The Football League Trust has embraced the challenge of working with all clubs - of all backgrounds and sizes - and of creating a national football community.


The Football League Trust promotes four themes:



John Nixon (Chairman, Carlisle United)
Gordon Taylor (Chief Executive, The PFA)
Simon Morgan (Head of Community Development, The Premier League)
Mal Brannigan (Director and Financial Vice President, Derby County)
Peter Ackerley (Senior National Game Development Manager, The FA)
Colin Sexstone (Director, Plymouth Argyle)
Donald Kerr (Director, Brentford)
Mike Farrar (Independent)