Formed in 1888 by its twelve founder members, The Football League is the world's original league football competition and is the template for leagues the world over.

With 72 member clubs, it is also the largest single body of professional clubs in European football and is responsible for administering and regulating the Football League, Capital One Cup and Johnstone's Paint Trophy, as well as reserve and youth football.

We encourage all parts of the community to enjoy league football by watching matches or taking part in other activities through our member clubs and we also generate the commercial revenue that sustains and fuels football's growth.

For more information and contact details for The Football League please visit our website at www.football-league.co.uk

FL Interactive (FLi) is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Football League. FLi manages and develops the internet and mobile rights of The Football League and 84 participating clubs (including 9 from the Premier League, 64 from The Football League and 11 from non-league). These activities include the provision of official club websites, audio/video and mobile services.

For more information and contact details for FLi please visit our corporate website at www.flinteractive.com

The Football League Trust's role is to oversee Community and Youth Development activities at Football League clubs. Using the power of football the Trust aims to make a difference to the lives of people by providing them with the best possible opportunities and recognising their achievements to inspire them both inside and outside of the game.

For more information and contact details for The Football League Trust please visit www.FLTrust.com


Football League

The Football League (currently known as the Football League) is comprised of three divisions - the Championship, League 1 and League 2 - with 24 teams in each division. Each season there are 1,656 regular season matches (552 per division) with 15 end-of-season Play-Off Matches, including 3 finals at Wembley. The competition was established in 1888 and is the world's oldest league football competition. Attendances across The Football League were over 16 million last season for the seventh consecutive season. The Championship itself is the fourth most watched division in Europe.

Football League Cup

The Football League Cup (currently known as the Capital One Cup) was established in 1960. It is English football's midweek cup competition, featuring all 72 clubs from The Football League and the 20 Premier League clubs, with 93 matches throughout the season. It is the first professional competition of the season to be decided and the winners also receive automatic entry into the following season's UEFA Europa League. Recent winners include Manchester United (2009 & 2010), Birmingham City (2011) and Liverpool (2012). The competition attracted 1.2 million admissions during the 2010/11 season and cumulative domestic TV audience in excess of 33 million, with matches also shown in 151 different countries around the world.

Football League Trophy

The Football League Trophy (currently known as the Johnstone's Paint Trophy) is a mid-week knockout cup competition for clubs in League 1 and League 2. There are 49 matches per season and it is organised on a regional basis with the winners from the North and South sections meeting each other in the Final. The competition was established in 1983 and offers League 1 and League 2 clubs a realistic opportunity of appearing in a showpiece final at Wembley. The competition attracts over 200,000 spectators each season.


COMMUNITY: We are at the heart of 72 communities across England and Wales, and share the pride and heritage of each.

AUTHENTICITY: We are the world's original league and retain honest, open and exciting competitions that are about developing home-grown talent.

PROGRESSION: We are a modern, forward-looking organisation that is always striving to improve the game, our competitions and the experience for fans.

INCLUSION: We are committed to making the game accessible to people of all backgrounds.