Johnstone's Paint Trophy Rules


1 Definitions and Interpretation

1.1 Throughout these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires:

'The League' means The Football League Limited.

'the Board' means the Board of Directors of The League.

'the Competition' means the competition organised by The Football League, by whatever title such competition may from time to time be given by the Board.

'the Clubs' means Clubs in membership of League 1 and League 2 of The League and any other Clubs from time to time invited by The League to participate in the Competition.

'these Rules' means the Rules of the Competition as from time to time altered.

'the Regulations' means the Regulations of The League from time to time in force.

'the Secretary' means the Secretary of The League as defined by the Regulations.

2 Competition Title

2.1 The Competition shall be given such title as the Board shall from time to time determine. For the 2012/13 Season the title shall be "The Johnstone's Paint Trophy".

3 Organisation of the Competition

3.1 The Competition shall be organised by the Board, who may delegate the organisation to the Secretary or such other person or body as it deems appropriate.

3.2 The Board shall control the Competition in accordance with and subject to the Regulations and shall have power at any time to alter, delete or add to these Rules in such manner as they in their absolute discretion deem appropriate. Such alterations shall not be deemed to be an alteration to the Regulations for the purposes of Regulation 2. In the case of any inconsistency between the Rules and the Regulations, the Rules shall prevail. Any Club or Player dissatisfied with a decision given by the Board shall have the right of appeal as provided for in the Regulations.

3.3 When in these Rules there is reference to the Board or the Secretary having power to investigate alleged breaches of the Rules and impose sanctions the Board or the Secretary shall have the power in their absolute discretion to delegate the matter to the FDC in accordance with the Regulations.

4 Participation in the Competition

4.1 All Members of The League from time to time in the League 1 and League 2 Divisions of The League shall take part in the Competition.

4.2 All Clubs participating in the Competition shall be bound by, shall undertake to observe and shall comply with these Rules.

5 Competition Format

5.1 The format of the Competition shall be as follows: -

5.1.1 Regional Basis: In all rounds up to and including the Area Finals, on a Northern and Southern Section basis, with the winner of each Section's Area Final contesting the Final.

5.1.2 First Round: Where appropriate the Board shall arrange for Football League Clubs to be awarded such number of byes as are necessary to regulate the number of Matches. The First Round draw will be conducted by dividing the requisite number of Clubs equally into two sections - Northern and Southern, then subdividing each section again. Clubs will be drawn in couples within each section and shall compete on a knock-out basis with the first drawn Club playing at home.

5.1.3 Second Round: The winners from the First Round and those Clubs awarded byes shall then be divided into two Sections - Northern and Southern, with those sections being subdivided again. Clubs will be drawn in couples within each section and shall compete on a knock-out basis with the first drawn Club playing at home.

5.1.4 Area Quarter-Finals: These shall consist of the 16 winners from the Second Round and matches will be played on a knock-out basis with the first drawn Club playing at home.

5.1.5 Area Semi-Finals: These shall consist of the 8 winners from the Area Quarter-Finals and matches will be played on a knock-out basis with the first drawn Club playing at home.

5.1.6 Area Finals: These shall consist of the 4 winners from the Area Semi-Finals.
Each tie shall be played over two legs, the first drawn Club playing at home in the first leg.

5.1.7 Final: This shall consist of the two winners from the Area-Finals. The Final shall be played on a neutral ground to be determined by the Board. The Board shall have the authority to decide that the Final Tie be played on a Sunday.

6 Arrangement of Fixtures

6.1 Immediately after each draw is made, notice shall be given to each Club of the name of its opponent, together with a note of the week in which the tie is to be played.

6.2 The actual date of the tie shall be determined by the Secretary after consultation with both Clubs involved.

6.3 The time of kick-off shall be fixed by the Home Club in accordance with the Regulations, except in the Final Tie and where a match is played on a neutral ground, when the kick-off time will be fixed by the Secretary.

6.4 The Secretary shall adjudicate in the event of any ties interfering with League Matches. Football Association and League Cup commitments take precedence over matches in this Competition.

6.5 If the scheduling of an Area Final tie for television commitments necessitates the re- scheduling of a League Match, the Home Club in the League Match (unless it is participating in the Area Final tie) shall be entitled to gate compensation monies, being the sum which will be the gross gate (excluding VAT) for that League Match, whenever played, up to the average of the gross gates of all the home League Matches played by the Home Club in the same Season. Compensation will be paid at the end of the Season.

6.6 Dislocation of Competition matches for any cause whatsoever shall be immediately reported to the Secretary by the Clubs concerned and it shall be the duty of the Home Club in each instance immediately to notify the appointed match officials of such dislocation.

6.7 All re-arrangements of Competition matches must be arranged for the earliest reasonable opportunity and submitted to and approved by the Secretary. Any match not so arranged shall have its date fixed by the Secretary.

7 Players

7.1 A Player shall be considered bona fide if he is registered by his Club, in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations. No Player may play for more than one Club in the Competition in any one Season.

7.2 The insurance of Players shall be the responsibility of the individual Clubs concerned.

7.3 Each Club shall play its full available strength in and during all matches. The Board will from time to time issue a policy as to what constitutes 'full available strength'. Any Club failing to meet this requirement will be required to pay a fine of up to £5,000.

8 Teamsheet

8.1 The Captain, accompanied by the person in charge of the team on the day (i.e. the Manager or Assistant Manager if present), must hand copies of a list of names of Players taking part in the game (including the names of the nominated substitutes) to the Referee and a representative of their opponents, in the presence of the Referee in his dressing room at least 60 (sixty) minutes before the advertised time of kick-off. This list shall indicate the full names of Players and shall indicate the colour of the Goalkeeper's shirt.

9 Substitutes

9.1 In all matches, each team is permitted up to five substitutes of whom not more than three may take part in the match. All substitutes must be nominated and included on the official Team Sheet handed to the Referee prior to the match. Substitutes not on the Team Sheet may not take part in the match. Not more than three substitutes / Players of each Club shall warm up or warm down at the same time on the perimeter of the pitch on which the match is being played.

10 Replacement of Injured Players Prior to Kick-off

10.1 Should any nominated Player or substitute sustain an injury or become otherwise incapacitated after the submission of the team sheet to the Referee and before the kick-off, he may be replaced and the Referee shall be informed. Should there be any other extenuating circumstances which require a nominated Player or substitute to be replaced during the aforementioned period, the Referee shall allow such replacement and report the full circumstances to the Secretary. The Secretary shall then initiate any inquiries he may deem fit so as to satisfy himself as to the bona fide nature of the replacement.

11 Kit Requirements

11.1 The Players' shirts and shorts must be clearly numbered in accordance with the Regulations of the Football League, and a list handed to the Referee before any Competition match.

11.2 The Captain shall wear a distinguishing armband provided by The Football League to indicate his status.

11.3 When away from home Clubs will play in colours (shirts, shorts and socks) which are clearly distinguishable from those of their opponents.

11.4 No Club shall be permitted to play in shirts, the colour of which is likely to cause confusion with the outfit worn by the match officials.

12 Commencement of Match

12.1 For all matches Clubs shall be required to take the field of play together preceded by the match officials not less than 5 (five) minutes before the advertised time of kick-off.

13 Laws of the Game

13.1 All matches shall be played in conformity with the Laws of Association Football as authorised by the International Football Association Board.

13.2 Matches shall be of 90 (ninety) minutes duration but any match which, for any cause whatsoever, falls short of 90 (ninety) minutes duration may be ordered to count as a completed fixture, or be replayed in full or in part as the Board or any person or body to whom the Board may delegate power to organise the Competition may, in their absolute discretion determine.

13.3 In all matches, the half-time interval shall be 15 (fifteen) minutes.

13.4 In the event of scores being level: -

13.4.1 at the end of ninety minutes' play in all rounds apart from the Final; and

13.4.2 after the conclusion of the two legs in each Area Final,

the winner shall be determined by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with the Laws of Association Football.

13.5 In the Final tie, if the score is level at the end of 90 minutes an extra half hour shall be played. If the score is still level at the end of extra time the Final tie shall be determined by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with the Laws of Association Football.

14 Match Officials

14.1 The Secretary of the Competition shall be responsible for the appointment of officials to all matches.

14.2 All provisions of The Standing Orders referred to in the Regulations of The Football League or as amended by the Board relating to match officials shall apply.

15 Notification of Results

15.1 Clubs must send: -

15.1.1 the results of matches with the names of the Players competing therein;

15.1.2 the marking of the Referee's performance; and

15.1.3 in the case of the Visiting Club, the pitch marks, to the Secretary within six days of each match.

16 Non Fulfilment of Fixtures

16.1 Any Club without just cause failing to fulfil an engagement to play a fixture in the Competition on the approved day or date shall forfeit the tie and be expelled from the Competition. They shall also be liable to pay a compensatory payment to their opponents in the sum of £5,000. Such sum shall be paid to The League forthwith upon demand, for onward payment by The League to the defaulting Club's opponents. Such failure without just cause to fulfil an engagement to play a fixture shall be deemed misconduct and render the Club liable to such further disciplinary proceedings as are permitted pursuant to the Regulations.

17 Tickets

17.1 In all matches the Visiting Club shall have the right to claim up to 15 per cent of all tickets reserved or otherwise sold in advance, subject to the consent of the Board and on the following conditions: -

17.1.1 subject to the provisions of Rule 17.7, the Home Club shall determine the ticket prices for each Match;

17.1.2 the request for tickets shall be made within three days of the draw;

17.1.3 the provisions of Football League Regulation 34.2.8 to 34.2.10 (inclusive) shall apply;

17.1.4 discounts or special promotions made available to supporters of the Home Club (other than discounts for Season Ticket holders as described in Rule 21.3) must also be made available on a similar basis to visiting supporters;

17.1.5 Matches in the Competition cannot, for the avoidance of doubt, be treated as local promotion matches (as that term is described in Regulation 34.2.11); and

17.1.6 unless otherwise mutually agreed in writing all tickets shall be on a sale or return basis.

All questions in dispute shall immediately be referred to the Secretary of the Competition for settlement.

17.2 Further, a minimum of 15% of the total disabled spectator accommodation must be made available to disabled supporters of the Visiting Club.

17.3 Payment for tickets sold shall be made in accordance with Regulation 16.3 of The Football League Regulations.

17.4 A maximum number of 100 Complimentary Tickets, excluding those covered under Rules 17.5 and 17.6, and any tickets required to be made available under any commercial agreement entered into by The Football League, will be allowed per match.

17.5 A Visiting Club shall be entitled to a minimum of 25 Complimentary Stand Tickets.

17.6 A Visiting Club shall also be entitled to one third of the seats usually reserved and known as the 'Home and Visiting Directors' Seats' up to a maximum of 24 seats.

17.7 The maximum ticket price for all matches prior to the Final tie will be determined by the Executive and notified to Clubs prior to the start of the Competition.

17.8 Season ticket holders or other Club pass holders shall not be admitted to these matches without payment. Any variation to this Rule shall be at the discretion of the Board and mutually agreed between Clubs.

18 Broadcasting Rights

18.1 The permission of the Secretary of the Competition is required for broadcasting, televising, filming and making of sound recordings of all matches in the Competition. The financial terms and other conditions shall be negotiated and contracts made with respective companies by the Secretary of the Competition.

18.2 Any additional monies received from television, broadcasting, films or any other source in respect of these matches shall be placed in the Pool Account which shall be used to defray all expenses mentioned above and any balance shall be distributed at the discretion of The Board.

19 Sponsorship of Competition

19.1 The provisions governing sponsorship for the Competition and the obligation of the Clubs to provide services and facilities to any such sponsor are contained in Regulation 74 of the Regulations. The Board shall have power to negotiate and administer sponsorship of the Competition. Any agreement entered into by The Football League in relation to such sponsorship shall be binding upon each Club and each Club shall comply with the requirements of the Board in relation thereto.

19.2 Subject as aforesaid and without prejudice to the generality of Rule 19.1, each Club must, if required by the sponsor, make available the contracted services and facilities at the Club's Home ground.

20 Competition Trophy

20.1 A Trophy will be presented to the winners of the Competition and suitable medals will be presented to the winners and runners-up.

20.2 There shall be twenty-one medals to the winning Club in the Final and twenty-one medals to the losing Club in the Final Tie, to be allocated as follows: -

20.2.1 sixteen for the Players nominated on the team sheet;

20.2.2 one each for the Secretary, Manager and Physiotherapist; and

20.2.3 two for staff other than Players.

20.3 Souvenirs will also be provided for the match officials appointed to the Final Tie.

20.4 Additional medals may only be presented by consent of the Secretary of the Competition but at the cost of the requesting Club.

20.5 The holders of the Trophy shall return it in like good order and condition to The League one month before the Final Tie of the next year's Competition, provided always that the winning Club shall, from time to time throughout the year, on request from The League, release the Trophy to The League for such purposes as The League shall require.

21 Financial Matters

21.1 The proceeds of all matches including replayed matches shall, after paying thereout the travelling expenses of the Visiting Club, the ground and other expenses of the match including VAT, floodlighting of the playing pitch and ancillary lighting (not to exceed £200), advertising, printing, postage, police charges, turnstile operators, stewards, contribution to first aid helpers and clearing the ground of snow, (provided in the case of the last mentioned item the Visiting Club is notified in advance of the match in question of the approximate cost) be divided as follows: -

21.1.1 45 per cent to each Club;

21.1.2 10 per cent to the Pool Account for division by the Board.

21.2 In all matches, the expenses of the match shall include standard class railway fares of Players and officials of the Visiting Club, not exceeding twenty-two in number, and hotel expenses (at the rate as determined by the Executive from time to time) if necessarily incurred. If however, a Club should choose to travel by air, thus obviating the necessity of overnight accommodation, the Visiting Club may claim an amount in lieu calculated by reference to the amounts that would have been incurred in respect of standard railway fares (not exceeding £100 return per person) and one night's hotel expenses as stated.

21.3 Where the Home Club issues Season Tickets which allow holders of such tickets discounted admission to a match in the Competition (or where the Board permits, in accordance with Rule 17.8, free admission) then the Home Club shall include within the Gross Receipts of the match an amount equivalent to the value of such Season Tickets, divided by the number of matches which the holder is entitled to attend without admission charge or at a reduced admission charge. Where the Home Club issues Season Tickets which allow holders of such tickets discounted admission to a match in the Competition then in calculating the amount to be included as Gross Receipts of the match any discounted admission price shall be excluded.

21.4 Each Home Club shall send the appropriate share of the gate to the Visiting Club and to the Secretary of The League together with a statement of the gate within ten days of the match in accordance with Football League Regulations.

21.5 In the event of two Clubs agreeing to play on a neutral ground, the Club staging such a match on its ground shall be permitted to charge, as an expense against the receipts of the match, 10 per cent of the gross gate receipts.

21.6 When a Competition match is abandoned the Visiting Club shall be entitled to receive from the Home Club, out of the gate of the abandoned game, travelling expenses and hotel expenses calculated in accordance with Rule 22.2. The Visiting Club shall have no further claim in respect of the replayed match.

21.7 When a Competition match is postponed (except by reason of an FA Cup match, League Cup or a Club's League Match) the Visiting Club may be entitled to receive from the Home Club, out of the gate of the re-arranged game, travelling expenses and hotel expenses calculated in accordance with Rule 22.2. Any payments will be at the discretion of the Secretary and will take into account whether any expenditure had been incurred in respect of the postponed match.

21.8 Where a Club sells match tickets on behalf of The League for the Final match, the proceeds of ticket sales shall be paid to The League in accordance with the provisions of Article 79.

22 Matters not Covered by the Rules

22.1 The Secretary of the Competition shall be empowered to make decisions on any matters not otherwise specifically provided for in these Rules.